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Everyone is fed up with advertisement browsing and limited control over their social media app just like in Instagram in which there are a lot of advertisements and limitations to their users so for that gap to be filled. There is an application by the name of Instander APK which is a modified Instagram with No ads and can change the settings according to your will like downloading media, autoplay restriction, customization, anonymous entity, and many more.

Instagram is one of the most popular and liked social media platforms where users can share photos and videos, follow each other, and engage with content through likes and comments. Instagram ranks 4th among the biggest social media networks globally with 2.4 billion active users. But Instagram lacks some of the key features that the user requires, so for that space to be filled, the Instander joins the game, plays the key role, and fulfills that requirement of a user.

App Details

App Name


Latest Version

v18.0 (BETA)

Last Updated

May 13, 2024




Android 9.0+






63 MB

What is Instander APK

It is a modified form of Instagram, which offers several features and functions for its users from downloading any image, video, IGTV, and reel to enhancing the quality of an image or reel. Apart from these, more features are mentioned in the feature article of this blog. Instander is safe, secure, and completely free for Android, and as well as PC users. It completely changes your experience of using Instagram as it is ad-free.


HD image and video downloads

HD Image & Video Download

You can download any picture or video using the app by just tapping the download button once, without indulging with the third-party app or switching between apps that are full of ads and also risky for your phone. But the Instander is a one-tap download platform with no advertisement and also a virus-free platform.

No Ads

No Ads

You can block all the ads using the Instander APK. It’s a completely ad-free Instagram with the ability to block any advertisement including sponsored ads. Every user is fond of using the application without the hurdle of waiting for a particular advertisement so for that hurdle-free browsing, you have come to the right place.

Restrict Autoplay

Restrict Autoplay

You can restrict the autoplay of reels which can prevent your extra data charges and unwanted reels. Instander provides you the option of restricting the autoplay or not, it is completely upon the use, either it can enjoy the autoplay reel option or it can completely restrict the autoplay reel option.

OTA updates

OTA Updates

Get the OTA updates which will allow you to get the newest version because the instander gets a new update every month which is very beneficial to the user as it resolves the old version bugs and errors. The newest version fixes the bugs and unlocks the new features if there is in new version of Instander.

Smart gestures

Smart Gestures

May you like Instagram gestures maybe you don’t but this allows you to turn them on or turn them off. Gesture control is the new way to use the timer option on your reels, and you can find out if you have it by opening up the option to create a new reel. This new reel feature helps you get more creative with your content.

Feed Stories

Feed & Stories

You can choose whether or not you want a different theme, 60-second stories in-app browser indicators for who follows you and just being able to toggle all of these on and off to customize your Instagram experience. You can also use the iOS emojis in the app despite using the Instander on your Android phone or in Windows.

Developer option

Developer Mode

It allows you to get granular and nerdy about tweaking some of the settings if you want to. To enable the developer mode in Instander. Go to the instander settings and enable the instander mode then go to the home of instander and long press the home button icon for 5 seconds, you will enter the developer mode.

Saved Posts

Save Story To Archive

If your phone is running out of space to download any reel or photo from Instander you can save that story, reel, or video in your archive without using your phone’s internal storage. You can also lock your archive by securing it with a password so intruders won’t be able to access the videos or images saved in your archive.

Copy Bio Comments Description

Copy Bio, Comments & Description

It allows you to copy someone’s bio with an emoji or sticker, also you can copy the comments and finally the description of anyone. If the users want to replicate someone’s bio and save notable comments, or profile descriptions, the Instander provides such a feature.

Allow messaged reply

Allow Messaged Reply

This feature allows users to control who can respond to their messages by tapping the Everyone option to specific ones. This feature is useful for those particular users who wish to limit responses to certain individuals or groups that manage their interactions more efficiently.

Close Friend list

Close Friend List

It allows its users to create a close friend list with whom the user can share or post stories with only those friends with whom the user has created the list. The close friend list feature in Instander offers users a valuable tool for managing their privacy and sharing content with a selected friend circle that they feel secure and comfortable with.

iOS Emoji

iOS Emojis

You can also enable the iOS emojis in Instander APK while using the application on your phone, Windows, or any other Android devices. The iOS emojis look more natural and reveal the true intentions than the Android emojis. So, the only way to enjoy the iOS emojis on your Android phone is to install the Instander.

Privacy and security

Privacy & Security

You can disable ads, analytics, and crash reports. This allows those of you who care about privacy a lot to go ahead and view Instagram anonymously without giving any of your data or any of your analytics back to your Instagram. Disabling ads, analytics, and crash reports can enhance your privacy by limiting the amount of data shared with the platform.

Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode

As the name indicates, enabling the ghost mode makes you an enigmatic user, You can see their message without knowing them because the seen check mark doesn’t mark as read. Secondly, you can disable typing status so the other user wouldn’t know that you are typing anything not only that you can also view someone’s story without knowing them because you have viewed their story and it does not show your name in the watched list and finally you can view live streams anonymously.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

You can go ahead and choose all of these settings by default meaning photos, reels, and stories in high quality and improve photo quality when you post it, improve iGTV quality and these are all settings that Instagram will sometimes have on by default when you are on WiFi, but when you go to cellular they are disabled. This allows you to go ahead and put those upload settings as max settings at all times.

How to Download & Install Instander

The latest version of Instander unlocks the new features and functions, fixes the bugs, and updates the old version. Instander being an application cannot be found in the Google Play Store because it has not been officially released on Play Store yet. However, you can download the latest version of the Instander APK by clicking the download button above to unlock the new features of Instagram.

Steps of Installation:

Step 1: Click on the download button, after downloading the APK file, go to the file manager and click on it to start the installation process.

Step 2: After clicking on the APK, the file manager will ask for your security permission because by default your phone doesn’t allow you to install third-party applications unless you allow it. So to complete the installation, allow the phone to install the instander from this source.

Step 3: After allowing the phone you will get the install option, upon clicking the install button, the installation will start and within one minute the Instander will be installed on your phone.

Step 4: Open the app and enter your credentials of Instagram to log in to the Instander. Now you can enjoy the amazing features of Instander.

Difference Between Clone & Unclone APK

The developer develops two types of Instander APK. One with the name clone and the other with unclone but both have the same features the only difference between clone and unclone is using the Instander alone on the phone or using it along with the original Instagram application.


As the name indicates, using the clone version you don’t have to uninstall the original Instagram application from your phone. The clone version can be used along with the original Instagram application.


Unclone is the opposite of the clone APK. To install the unclone version of Instander, first, you have to uninstall the original Instagram application, then you have to download and install the unclone version of Instander to get the best output.

It must be noted that in both clone and unclone versions, you get all the amazing features mentioned in the features section.

Instander VS Official Instagram

The official Instagram has more than 2 billion active users. It is a highly trusted platform but on the other hand, the Instander APK provides amazing features that the official Instagram lacks and thus enhances user experience.

Enhanced Privacy Controls

Instander provides advanced privacy settings which allows its users to have more control over its content while the official Instagram has its limitations over privacy settings.

Download Media

Instander enables its users to download images, reels, videos, and stories directly from the application without engaging with any other third-party application, which provides a very easy and flexible platform to its users.

Customization Options

Unlike the official Instagram, Instander provides additional customization features like changing font style, emojis, themes, colors, and much more by which you can create an application that feels like yours and can be customized according to your taste.

Ad-free Experience

Instander is an ad-free Instagram with the functionality of blocking all the ads, ensuring an uninterrupted browsing experience.

Story & Live Anonymity

In Instander users can view the Instagram stories and live anonymously. You can also save their story to your gallery without being noticed.

User Experience

Instander builds up the user experience by providing many features that are missing in the official Instagram platform.

Pros & Cons

Instander APK ProsInstagram Official Cons
Media Download✔️ Media Download❌
Quality Improvement✔️Quality Improvement❌
Ghost Mode✔️Ghost Mode❌
Developer Mode✔️Developer Mode❌
Restrict Autoplay✔️ Restrict Autoplay❌
Download Stories✔️Download Stories❌
Advanced Privacy Settings✔️Advanced Privacy Settings❌


Instagram, with its vast user base and popularity in the world of social media. However, despite its widespread use, there have always been certain features missing that users have desired. Enter Instander, a modified version of Instagram that fills these gaps and enhances the user experience.

Moreover, it introduces innovative features such as quality improvement options, ghost mode for anonymous browsing, and advanced privacy controls, setting it apart from the official Instagram app. Instander aims to elevate the user experience and provide a better experience.


Yes, it is 100% safe and risk-free APK to use.

Yes, you can hide your hiding status. To enable this feature go to the ghost mode of Instander.

Yes, in Instander you can watch other stories anonymously without being noticed.

To download the latest version of Instander APK, go above and click the download button and if you want to download the old version, Click here.

Instander clone allows you to run the Instander application without uninstalling the official Instagram app.

It comes with the official Instander package name. Instander original is also known as unclone Instander. Thus for installing the unclone Instander first you have to uninstall the official Instagram app.

There is no difference between clone and unclone in terms of availability of features. Both provide the premium features of Instander. The only difference is in their package name.  

Depends on you, if you want to download the un-clone version then you have to uninstall the official Instagram app but if you want to keep both the official Instagram app and the Instander as well then you have to download the clone version.

Yes, you can use the Instander, all you have to do is download the clone version of it.

No, you can’t get banned for using the Instander app.

Yes, you can install Instander for PC through emulators such as Blustacks or NOX. The installation process is already mentioned in the PC article.

Unfortunately, the developer has not developed the Instander mod for IOS, but there are some possible ways to install the Instander on your IOS or iPhone by jailbreaking your iPhone or installing the IPA file. We don’t recommend you install the Instander by jailbreaking your iPhone as it involves risks and security threats.
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